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need government to step in and solve these problems. most of the heroic things have been done by businesses, families and churches. president barack obama has dealt with this crisis. it did not hurt that the governor of new jersey, you know, had very complimentary things to say about him. we will see if this caused a bit of a stall in the bit from a momentum we have seen over the last few weeks. connell: we stopped to asking questions like that the past couple days, for obvious reasons. we try to look at these sites that aggregate the polls. on average now it is all tied up nationally. i am sure the national polls that it was as we get to the last few days. the president seems to have a lead in ohio. how would you handicap it, if you are looking at it back i have been looking at the polls all morning. they do show, basically, a dead heat right now. probably had a two or three-point lead a week or two ago. the storm, a lot of people -- connell: i have to interrupt you. we have breaking news now with a briefing of the mayor, michael bloomberg. >> let me caution everyone listenin
will be insured by the federal government rather than the insurance industry. and very little impact on insurers'. ashley: 5 looking at information on insurance pricing. rates have been steadily going up over the last year in the wake of sandy they you expect premiums to go higher? >> from an insurance industry perspective, don't mean to sound insensitive, but the loss is not a big enough deal to change the what we are seeing is property reinsurance, stabilization because this has been a pretty good year. >> when you look at the trends and a meteorologist i am not, but i am hearing this is going to be some winter, still storms ahead. what do you think about that? >> you will certainly see a different perspective but one of the flaws of the insurance is does the insurance industry is bad things have to happen. ashley: weather patterns are changing. does this change the strategy of insurance companies moving forward? >> you are seeing a heightened flow level of caution, buying more insurance, in recognition that three bad things happen, it takes a sizable loss. more cautious in terms of aggregate
. government workers are not at work working on this. normally when there is a holiday during the week, they put this off. ashley: there was a lot of speculation, if it is delayed, how does that affect the election. this is a weather related things. melissa: commodities are still holding along. sandra smith is on the busy floor of the cme with the latest sandra: we will definitely stick with sandra today. taking a look at one room where there is a lot of trading today. corn, wheat, soybeans, the agricultural departments, meet markets, energy products are trading as well. oil, heating oil, also products are trading. gold, silver and copper. then of traders audio joining me now. what do you make of all of this? >> it is an extremely unusual day down here today. it is a unique event. we have certain quadrants which are closed. very little energy across the board. you are seeing it in the crude and local market. there is a limited participation. some people tend to look for a day like this for opportunity, i look at this as a favorite risk day. this gives you an unexpected opportunity to r
will be covered by private insurance. connell: so much for us to talk about today. we also have the government's latest report on jobs. they added 170,000 jobs. the quality of those jobs, type of pay, full or part-time, those are all things we will be talking about coming up. dagen: stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides. nicole: good morning. we are seeing a market that has accelerated selling in this last half-hour or so. the dow is now down 52 points. the vix, the fear index, now has an up arrow. it is interesting to see how we are moving lower now going into trading as if it is really picking up some speed here. the s&p 500 is down one quarter of 1%. some names are good, some not so good. when you talk about starbucks, starbucks is a good outlook. trip advisor and other ones that came in with their quarterly reports. you see a name like travelers, for example, and that is a name that has been weighing on the dow jones industrials. monster, the energy drink, they continue to claim that their drinks are safe. back to you. dagen: thank you. connell: hurricane sandy sweeping t
're getting richer as a nation because of rebuilding its your taking government money giving it to a contractor or whatever the case may be. that has come up. >> it will have an affect on gdp growth but not right away. probably be first or second quarter you will see a little of that but you are right. of the question is where the money coming from, is the insurance companies or taxpayer money, we don't have a sense of it but from an accounting perspective, it will bump up gdp growth a bit in the subsequent couple of quarters. connell: i wonder how much of a slowdown in the near-term we will see. tough to tell. you come to a place like midtown manhattan where we are broadcasting from ended is like any other day but a few blocks south once it gets dark you see a line, a line in the city with a tale of two cities. on the bridges you see lights on one side and darkness on the other side. up here there's commerce in midtown, people doing business, restaurants are open, people don't have power and doing this ourselves and everybody else we are here spending money, doing things, sp
. macarthur airport. it is having its effect on business and government. we are responding as quickly as possible. obviously we have individuals helping us clean the road and making sure it is safe for people to get back and forth. connell: tony, this is dagen mcdowell. you know when they will clear the bridge to get that moving? >> i spoke with the ceo of long island power authority. their focus is going to be in the next day or two on getting the hospitals and nursing homes established and clearing the major arteries of power lines. we will not be able to get into the neighborhoods that are affected. there are dozens of neighborhoods throughout the south shore until they are able to turn off the power and work on once. several days before residents should expect to see power. they are focusing on the other institutions first. dagen: tony, thank you. >> thank you very much. connell: new york city rescue workers still dealing with this. taking a live look at the crane on 57th street in the heart of manhattan. an astonishing, horribly awful sight as it collapsed yesterday. again, how
@. rich: much of that throughout the federal government today. the metro system is closed. the subway system. the busing system closed today. there have been power outages. president obama back at the white house, earlier than he at expected. at 12:45 p.m. we expect to hear from president obama. we will also hear from fema. they are waiting to see what happens. fema has moved water bottles and blankets all up and down the east coast. right now it is a matter of where will the storm hit and how hard is it going to hit? they are waiting and trying to figure out where all of this will happen. back to you. dagen: thank you so much for that. sandy already closing markets and delaying earnings reports and good even close to jobs report on friday. however, what would happen if that did happen. connell: art laffer joins us now. the statement about 45 minutes ago came from the census bureau. they said there was no decision as they put it on delaying the jobs report on friday. we both said we think it is unlikely. you do not want to feed into anything. what do you say? >> i think they will publ
governments for certain assistance from the federal government. if you need temporary housing or business loan, things of that nature are all freed up. just got this from the white house, fema is going door-to-door, people might need assistance at the coast guard and taking the lead to identify hazardous floodwaters. not exactly the cleanest water on earth. how do you dispose of that and also fema will support any request from state officials who need help with polling places next week, only a few days from the federal election. the irs is granting taxpayers affected by the hurricane until november 7th if they were supposed to file returns or payments for today. the fdic telling financial institutions if they are having problems with their reporting timeline they can contact them as well. campaign continues tomorrow. mitt romney will be in virginia. president obama back on the campaign trail. green bay, wisconsin, boulder, colorado, las vegas. melissa: thanks for that report. ashley: let's get back to check the markets. the dow up by 35 points and have been in this range for a while. nicole pe
of all of this now have a government's latest report on the labor picture, which is better than expected but the quality of those jobs and the type of pay and if they're even full or part-time jobs is something we will talk much more about coming up. a look at some of the trades going on today. golgold significantly lower down $37 today, $16.77. silver and copper trending lower. more after this. lori: breaking news, mayor michael bloomberg just announcing high occupancy vehicle restrictions lifted at 5:00 p.m. you have to have three passengers to get into the city. that frustration be lifte we lif 5:00 p.m. people getting onto buses just to get to work. with a transportation crisis on top of everything else. melissa: let's get a check of the market. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks still in the red after the jobs report. nicole: a lot to watch. group on at a new low. names soaring like priceline and tripadvisor and others coming under some pressure like gas for the big picture is a major market averages have been leaning slightly to the downside to da
and they will attack the deficits and you think you're going to get more productivity out of government. i think that will be a surprise to a lot of people. cheryl: you know, jeff, one of the things that we'll be looking at over the next few weeks is how the employment data and also economic data will be impacted by the storm. we're already seeing some companies point out one of the problems being quote, unquote, sandy. how will we really know what companies are really saying with regards to sandy? or frankly not saying? do you trust the numbers you get out of u.s. corporations? >> well the analysts i talk to are going to give companies a pass if you will because of sandy. so, i think that, that, i wouldn't pay a whole lot of attention to the numbers. until you get into the first quarter of next year. ashley: very good. jeff saut, with raymond james. jeff, thanks so much for joining you. we appreciate it. cheryl: some are getting power back actually in new york and new jersey right now commuter town hoboken, new jersey, remains largely underwater, leaving its residents stuck in their homes with
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10